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October 2022


What Is Landscape Architecture: Flora In The Concrete Jungle The continuous rising of condominiums and corporate buildings in urban areas reduces the number of open spaces filled with plants and trees. To prevent further damage to the environment as we live in this modern age, maintaining ecological balance is important. With this in mind, developers are integrating lush natural environments into their designs through the use of landscape architecture. What Is Landscape Architecture? Landscape architecture is the professional skill of designing outdoor green environments (e.g., parks, gardens) weaved within roads and buildings. It can be the design of public parks or pocket gardens that enhances the aesthetics of an area without sacrificing its natural topography. Role Of A Landscape Architect The landscape architect’s role is to plan and design attractive open spaces combining functionality and flora. These include public parks, botanical gardens, urban or rural esplanades, event grounds, walkways, and

[Urban Designer and Landscape Architect Don Patrick Manlangit talks about experiences and opportunities gained from studying at the University of Auckland in New Zealand.] Filipino Urban Designer and Landscape Architect Don Patrick Manlangit recently gained international spotlight through an online feature, as an alumnus of the Master of Urban Planning (Professional) and Urban Design degree programme at the University of Auckland in New Zealand. According to Don, he chose to pursue graduate studies at the University of Auckland due to its renowned reputation of offering the best education in the field of urban and landscape design.  As part of the complete university experience, Don was also actively involved in social events and organizations on campus, including the Filipino Students' Association in which he served as president. Here, they had cultural exchange programs to expand their connections within the Southeast Asian community and held events that highlighted Filipino culture