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Surigao Del Sur To Open Bislig Bayfront With World-Class Amenities

Surigao Del Sur To Open Bislig Bayfront With World-Class Amenities

Public Parks And Open Spaces

Access to open spaces like public parks became essential now more than ever when everyone is mandated to stay at home.

These spaces are now sanctuaries for those seeking refuge and a little normalcy while continuing to live cautiously during a pandemic.

In the City of Bislig, Surigao Del Sur, at the waterfront of the majestic Bislig Bay, the first public park is now open to the public.

The Bislig Bayfront – an 8,500 sqm institutional park – is the government’s response to the community’s growing social, environmental, and health needs.

This initiative will let the public experience and enjoy the outdoors with world-class amenities.

bislig bayfront design drawing by ecohaven

Bislig Bayfront Amenities

The park will have the following amenities:

  • skate park
  • children’s play area
  • grand lawn
  • forest park
  • steps with viewing deck
  • kayaking area
bislig bayfront

Designing Culture And Sustainability

The park will showcase leisure and recreational facilities that highlight the city’s rich culture, heritage, and history.

The overall design is Karawasan Festival-inspired, hence the use of festive colors and dynamic spaces to complement its various activities.

Sustainability is also taken into account to preserve the existing vegetation and topography of the space, integrating the trees and caves within the development.

A New Tourist Destination In Surigao Del Sur

Aside from giving adequate space for outdoor activities, Bislig Bayfront is set to become a tourist destination in Mindanao.

This will equate to an economic boost, encouraging tourism, investment, and interaction among the immediate users in the development. 

Ecohaven, the landscape design firm responsible for the project, echoes the same vision of the government about urban parks.

The landscape architect and founder of Ecohaven, Landscape Architect Don Patrick Manlangit, stated this in his interview during the groundbreaking:

“The development of the urban park has a huge impact in the area especially now during a pandemic, people need exercise and breathing spaces.” 

Mr. Manlangit further states that urban parks are essential amenities of a city.