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Tagbilaran City Market – A Redevelopment

Project Area : 338,548 SQM

Location :
Tagbilaran City, Bohol

The main goal of Tagbilaran City Central Publick Market’s redevelopment is to transform the massive unkempt parking lot into a green space.

About the Project

Located in the City of Tagbilaran, the Tagbilaran Central Public Market acts as the main transport and commercial hub for the city. Surrounded by the central bus and jeepney terminals and the city’s largest mall, it is one of Tagbilaran’s main points of convergence.

The main goal of the market’s redevelopment is to transform the massive unkempt parking lot into a green space. The provision of wide established sidewalks, tree-lined walkways, and colorful pedestrian crossings provide a clear and distinct design identity while promoting user safety and pedestrianization.

The design features a park, play areas, shaded seating areas, and outdoor food stalls. These spaces are also designed to mitigate heat in highly urbanized areas by using existing vegetation and a good mix of local and endemic species.

The site is also reconfigured into a more legible layout not only for pedestrians, but also vehicles coming in and out of the market. Furthermore, the proposed layout for the market incorporates direct access to its surrounding areas, resulting in a more cohesive and unified design.

The redevelopment of the central market will provide locals with a breathing space in the middle of an urban environment that also allows for a healthy balance between pedestrians and vehicular access. 

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