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One of the main attractions a city can offer its tourists is a space to lounge about, enjoy the sun, and do outdoor activities. As open parks became a go-to location due to the restrictions of the pandemic, people are more inclined to visit areas where they can feel at ease and basically, let their hair down. River Esplanade For Tourism Boost With this in mind, the City Government of San Carlos in Pangasinan started to develop an esplanade called “San Carlos City Esplanade Bocboc People’s Park” along the Agno River bank just beneath the Bocboc Bridge.  The city’s initiative will deliver a vibrant, innovative, and attractive esplanade which will be a welcoming view for tourists and locals. According to the Department of Budget and Management, San Carlos City has allotted P17-M in the development of the 145,000sqm people’s park. Design by Ecohaven Tourism Boost In San Carlos, Pangasinan The city expects