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What Is Landscape Architecture: Flora In The Concrete Jungle

What Is Landscape Architecture: Flora In The Concrete Jungle

What Is Landscape Architecture: Flora In The Concrete Jungle

The continuous rising of condominiums and corporate buildings in urban areas reduces the number of open spaces filled with plants and trees.

To prevent further damage to the environment as we live in this modern age, maintaining ecological balance is important.

With this in mind, developers are integrating lush natural environments into their designs through the use of landscape architecture.

What Is Landscape Architecture?

Landscape architecture is the professional skill of designing outdoor green environments (e.g., parks, gardens) weaved within roads and buildings.

It can be the design of public parks or pocket gardens that enhances the aesthetics of an area without sacrificing its natural topography.

Role Of A Landscape Architect

The landscape architect’s role is to plan and design attractive open spaces combining functionality and flora.

These include public parks, botanical gardens, urban or rural esplanades, event grounds, walkways, and picnic areas.

Landscape architects also communicate and collaborate with people from different fields, ranging from engineers to landscape scientists – experts in soil science, botany, hydrology, who are important in the landscape work. 

Architecture vs. Landscape Architecture

The difference between architecture and landscape architecture is in the type of design they produce.

An architect’s focus is the structural design of houses and buildings while a landscape architect’s focus is the outdoor design of the surrounding area of the structures. 

Famous Landscape Architecture Projects

Here are a few iconic locations where the landscape architecture is breathtaking: 

Gardens the Bay in Singapore

aerial view of gardens by the bay in singapore
Photo by Sergio Sala

Central Park In New York, USA

Photo By Meghan Bucknall

Versailles Garden, France

Landscape Architecture In The Philippines

Landscape architecture in the Philippines is at its peak as urban areas are being developed.

Condominiums now include open green areas and even roof gardens to provide better air quality and serene space for the residents.

The modernization of public parks is also ongoing, addressing the need for sustainable and eco-friendly areas.

Where To Study Landscape Architecture In The Philippines

Here are the top universities in the Philippines which offer landscape architecture courses:

These schools equip their landscape architecture graduates with skills that can land them a career in landscape design consultancy, urban and regional planning, park and recreation planning, site planning, and historic preservation among many others. 

Notable Landscape Architecture Projects In The Philippines

Here are a few examples of landscape architecture in the Philippines: 

San Miguel Corporation Headquarters

aerial shot of san miguel corporate headquarters, manila philippines
Photo by: CNN Philippines

Ayala Triangle Garden, Makati, Philippines

photo of ayala triangle in makati, philippines
Photo By Primer

Paco Park Manila, Philippines

photo of paco park, manila, philippines

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